Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pet Hair Be Gone! Lint Wizards have arrived!

Dr.Desert Flower ordered some Lint Wizard self cleaning lint brushes from Amazon last week. They arrived last night, and they work awesomely! Yes, there's sticky rollers that you have to throw away the adhesive sheets, and non-self-cleaning lint brushes that you have to basically transfer the lint and dander from the brush to a piece of cloth - which is annoying and wasteful. These wonderful Lint Wizard Pro brushes clean themselves with a flick of the little lever, and are easily dumped. We had one earlier this year that we got at Bed-Bath-Beyond, but I broke it as I swiped it too firmly over the big red couch here. I won't "abuse" the brush again.

If you've got pets, and you're annoyed by their hair on your clothes and furniture, try one of these. (UPC code 3554110407)

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