Monday, March 22, 2010

Zemlinsky & Mozart

Last Saturday night, Michael Christie Directed the Phoenix Symphony AND the Phoenix Symphony Chorus in Zemlinsky’s cantata, Frühlingsbegräbnis, and Mozarts first work as a 10 year old, a 90 second Kyrie (K.33), followed by his last work, the unfinished Requiem completed by Robert Levin (K.626). (links here and here). It was a powerful performance. My German is very rusty, and I only caught about 1/3 of the context, but the works were sung with energy, delivered effectively. The vocal soloists were good, but I just don't think I have a refined appreciation for a soloist accompanied by a full symphony. I wasn't MOVED by the soloists, though Jason Grant (Bass) was very expressive. The massive chorus, occupying the stage behind the musicians, did their best to fill the lack luster acoustics of Symphony Hall. It worked. Would have been interesting to hear them at the modern (and nearly acoustically perfect) Peace Center.

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