Thursday, March 4, 2010

Garlic Is Powerful Stuff

Anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal... it's good stuff (link here). And, when I was a kid, I remember an episode of "The Night Stalker" (link here) where Kolchak had to go into a junk yard, open up a coffin in a hearse that had a resting zombie in it, put garlic in the zombie's mouth, and then sew the lips shut "to kill it" - so it may have anti-Zombie properties too!

Check out the herbal remedies for athlete's foot and head lice, in the link above.


  1. Can you grow garlic in AZ? We used to grow hardneck garlic in Chicago. Great stuff.

  2. I am not sure. probably. we have basil bushes. rosemary grows as a landscaping shrub in az. garlic should, I think.

  3. Basil...garlic...the magical combination. Anne just planted some on the back porch.

    Garlic is the one thing I probably eat at almost every meal.

  4. OK, the Plant Whisperer says you can indeed grow garlic in AZ. In fact, it's ideal...full sun.


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