Tuesday, March 30, 2010

RNC Excrement & Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy Is Alive & Healthy. I get this broadcast RNC email on my company mail this afternoon, claiming to be "The Facts on Obamacare". It is so full of excrement and hypocrisy, it's hilarious!

* Causes 9 million people to lose the insurance they now have; [Excrement, no, it causes no one to "lose" their insurance. 144 people a day DIED from lack of insurance, that will begin to decrease. 4 million people a year were dropped by their insurance each year. that will begin to slow down.]
* Increases the already bloated deficit by $260 billion over the
next decade when all the components are included; [Excrement, read to CBO analysis]
* Adds $371 billion to the deficit by not including the Medicare
physician fee schedule change, also known as the "Doc Fix" provision; [Hypocrisy! Republicans fought to NOT put in the "Doc Fix" and COBRA limits. Idiots!]
* Raises taxes by $569 billion on small businesses and creates a
new marriage penalty with new income and investment taxes; [Excrement, new marriage penalty if you are in the top 1% of the richest Americans]
* Cuts Medicare by $523 billion; [Excrement & Hypocrisy, it reduces Medicare costs by implementing efficiencies. It's not taking anyone's Medicare].
* Increases premiums by 10% for people without employer-based
insurance; [Excrement, insured individuals were already being hiked 30 & 40% a year!]
* Expands the power of the IRS to enforce a government mandate
that requires Americans to purchase government-approved insurance; [Oh My! enforced regulations! What do you think this is, Santiago Chile?!?!? We want to live in Port Au Prince!]
* After all the spending is done and the bill is fully
implemented, 23 million people will still be uninsured in 2019. [Hypocrisy!!! 19 million of those 23 are illegal immigrants who the Republicans HATE! OMG! How stupid do you think the American people are??? Notice, they say "people" not "citizens" - LMFAO!!!]

That's all you got, RNC? Pathetic!


  1. Given all the open anguish, hair-pulling, and panty-bunching around the dreaded "mandate", I thought this historical note was particularly interesting.

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  3. Come on, Ron. Get your logic straight here. Requiring people to keep and bear guns is perfectly constitutional. We're a Christia™ nation, and guns bring (other) people closer to Jesus™. Health care keeps people alive, and needlessly keeps people away from Jesus™ so it's clearly unconstitutional.

  4. I know, I know, I can't keep my logic straight. It's so hard to be a patriot these days.

    I'm also confused on the census: the founding fathers demanded it be regularly undertaken, so it's good and patriotic to comply, right? But it's also good and patriotic to ignore it?


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