Friday, March 19, 2010

Kindle, eReader, or good ole books?

I'll take the good ole books, thank you. My reasons to do so, are legion:
  • there's no on or off switch, so it's fine during take offs and landings
  • once you buy it, it does not cost anything in energy to read it. Sure, you need a source of light to read it at night, but what humans walk around in total darkness all evening?
  • once you buy it, YOU OWN IT. You don't rent it. You can do what you want with it. It's yours.
  • you can give it to anyone as a gift, or as a recommended read
  • you never have to "charge it"
  • in a post-apocalyptic landscape, you can use it as fuel for a fire, or as a spacer, or ballast... there's no shortage of post-apocalypse uses.
  • you can mark notes in the margins
  • you can use it to hold your boarding pass, or other documents
  • it's fully recyclable, and requires very little fossil fuels to produce
  • Southern Pines grow so fast in the SE that they can generate a nearly unlimited supply of renewable, cheap paper. No need to go to Saudi Arabia or anywhere else to get the resources for the petroleum based plastics that go into an electronic book reader.
  • No need to mine copper, gallium, or a host of other expensive elements of which the US is resource poor and must rely upon imports to sustain manufacturing.
  • If you're a tea bagger, and want something to burn (pre-apocalypse) at an angry rally, it works well for that too
  • when you take it to the beach, and sand gets blown over it on a windy day, it will not damage or endanger a book
  • you can use it to shade yourself from the sun, or a bright light, when held at the right orientation or when laid over your face on a day at the beach.
  • if it gets a little wet (at a pool, in the rain, at a squirt gun fight, in a sprinkler accident), it will not fail. Just fan it out to dry, and it'll be fine. A little wrinkly perhaps, but it will not be ruined.
  • you can show it off if you want to as you read it. It has a Cover! And if you want to be clandestine, you can cover the book with your own book cover as I was required to do for text books in grade school
If you want an eReader or a Kindle, I am happy for you. Good for you. I have no use for them, and if anyone gives me one, I will re-gift it to some tech-hungry youngster who does not share my appreciation for the more traditional ways of reading.

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