Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Seatguru does not lie

The Seatguru site (link here) does not lie. Delta's 757s suck. Most of the 757s are older than my son and are in severe need of an upgrade. Delta has refurbed a few, but most are Reagan era builds. Uncomfortable, tightly spaced seats that do not recline. Scratched windows with shades that don't go up or down easily. Blurry/static-filled over-head screens that anyone over 5'11" bashes their head into when getting up to use the antiquated, poorly ventilated, cramped bath rooms. Dr Desert Flower and I sat in 6C and 6D from St.Thomas to Atlanta.

The tricky part of Seatguru, is understanding which of the many different configured aircraft that the airline will shuffle you onto. The plane you booked your ticket on may be downsized to something smaller if they don't sell out (or over-sell) the flight.

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