Thursday, March 4, 2010

Always Wear Clean Underwear

When I was a kid, my mother used to often tell me "When you go on a trip, wear clean underwear. You never know if you might be in an accident, and you don't want the paramedics to see you wearing dirty underwear." My brothers and I used to joke about it, but it had a broader point, which the RNC revealed today. Don't do / say / reveal your hidden agenda, your secret ugly side, your most racist and basest fears & fear mongering - it might just get published for the whole world to see.

Yes, it's fine for "angry tea partyers" (AKA racist Americans, disenfranchised libertarians, or just the plain easily mislead simple masses) to paint the President of the United States, Speaker of the House (number two in the line of Presidential succession) and Majority Leader of the Senate as the evil Joker from Batman, Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmatians, and Scooby Doo. But when the RNC, the official embodiment of the minority opposition party (or "Shadow Party" as they so awesomely say in the UK) officially promotes such sophomoric attempts at caricature and claims that moderate Democratic proposals are "socialism" and an "evil empire"- it's like showing their stripes.
You could say like a zebra or tiger revealing it's stripes, but I prefer to think of it like the brown stripes on whitey tighties that a paramedic finds when they have to cut off the clothes of a barely conscious accident victim. The Accident didn't cause the brown stripe, no. They just always had that nasty, ugly underside, and it was just a mater of time before it revealed itself.

Sure, the Republicans claim it was "all in fun" and that it was just to try and persuade some wealthy donors... but really, you know, it goes to character. They co-opted the same misguided and misinformed images and language seen ubiquitously at Tea Bagger rallies, and called them their own. Way to go RNC! And those Republican mouth pieces who keep spouting the lies that "the Tea Party movement is not a conservative movement, it is bi partisan" - how long are you gonna keep up that line of malarkey?

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