Sunday, March 21, 2010

Now, Senate, it's your turn.

11:30pm Eastern Time... The US House gets enough votes that it FINALLY passes Health Care Reform. (link here).

"6 mins ago

11:30 PM ET: Still a few minutes left before the vote closes, but Democrats have picked up more than the 216 vote necessary and the House will pass the "fixes" they wanted to the Senate bill.

11:19 PM ET: The "motion to recommit" has failed, 199 to 232. The House now moves to its final vote on the fixes it wants to make to the original Senate bill.

11:12 PM ET: CNN is reporting that a Republican member of the House yelled "baby killer!" at Bart Stupak when he stood to speak against the motion to recommit. Reminiscent of Joe Wilson yelling "you lie!" at President Obama last year? We're looking into who it was.

11:08 PM ET: Democrats now have more than the 216 votes against the motion to recommit and will be able to have a vote on the Senate fixes bill."

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