Friday, March 19, 2010

The Scent of a Blooming Lemon Tree

Our organic lemon tree in the back yard is in full bloom this week. It's aroma is very close to that of jasmine. Hummingbirds cannot resist it, flying sorties in and out of the branches, drinking from the tiny little blossoms, some so small, you can't see them from more than a few feet away.

One thing the inter-webs can't do it replicate smells. It's a same. The backyard - when there is no wind - is flooded with the wonderful fragrance. When there's a gentle breeze, it wafts to the nostrils, deliciously... intoxicating.

Planted 2 years ago, in our first Fall in Arizona, it was no more than 6 feet tall in a 30 gallon bucket that the 4 Mexicans and their bi-lingual 20-something Caucasian supervisor from Moon Vally Nursery planted, far too close to a pygmy palm that it now over-shadows, and 6 feet from an Ocotillo that ravaged the North side of the tree last year (no lemons borne there), but which has been since transplanted to my new neighbor's house. Now, the tree is over 12 feet tall, 12 feet wide, and producing copious fruit and blooms.

Highly recommended if you are a transplanted mid westerner or north easterner to the Sonoran desert, and are obsessed with wanting to grow your own citrus in the land of plentiful sunshine and desiccant-like low levels of humidity.

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