Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No "Polish Wedding!!"

We watched (on Netflix) "Polish Wedding" last night on DVD. Movie SUCKED. No wedding, no Polish speaking whatsoever, mis-leading DVD sleeve, misleading Netflix trailer summary. Gypsy music instead of Polish music. Every character unlikable. Miserable plot. That's 2 hours of our lives we'll never get back. I cannot recommend it, to anyone.


  1. have you seen Zombieland yet?

  2. yesssss!
    it was hilarious!

  3. I'm holding out for "Turkish Divorce"

  4. I can picture the plot of "Turkish Divorce". Ahmet owns a tea shop (even though Turkey is famous for it's coffee) and enjoys playing the lute in the back of his shop. His wife, Fatima, wears her shibabh just a lil too revealing and Ahmet is convinced that the wife he's always hated is seeing the kosher butcher. The music would be Moroccan, there would be no Turkish spoken, the refeences to Turkey would all be randomized, incoherent, or incorrect. Fine actors would be chosen for the cast, but the film would be poorly written, ineptly directed, and no amount of rum would make it enjoyable. Finally, there would be no divorce, but they would have ea Spring Festival parade that contained 72 virgins, in which am Irish Iman gave an anti-Albanian diatribe to conclude the epic waste of film.

  5. I was surprised to note that polish wedding pre-dates "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (which I found eminently likeable) by 4 years. I assumed it was more recent.

    Maybe we can get HBO to do an "Ethnic Life Events" series.

  6. I also enjoyed MBFGW that Trac and I watched on the plane coming back form Europe many years ago, and then again on DVD in the states. The Netflix summary implied that "Polish Wedding" had similar attributes, and implied all sorts of wonderfulness, none of which ever materialized. It was a dreadful, unlikeable film, filled with good actors who were poorly scripted and poorly directed.

    A better Title for the film would have been "Dysfunctional, generic European family living in Detroit". It seriously had nothing to do about being Polish (which I know a lil bit about), and it showed no wedding, planning of a wedding, or other activities involved in a wedding, whatsoever.

    In contrast to MBFGW, which got the Greek and Cal-yuppy stereo types dead on hilariously, PW failed in every respect.

    The HBO series should be named "Generic Eastern European Portrays"
    "Everyone in Detroit has sex outside"
    "It's got perogies, let's call it 'Polish'" =P

    [Dryer is beeping! I hate ironing. ]


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