Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't Like The Census, That's Fine...

...if you are a Conservative, Don't turn it in. Thanks to my friend Ron for this gem (link here) from the DailyKos. Think you're being tracked by your SSN, your census form, that the socialist totalitarian fascist Nazi baby killing gay marrieds progressives are out to get you? Crawl back in your hole, go back to your militia compound, and don't be counted, lose Federal Funds (which you rail against taxes anyways) and Congressional seats. That's fine.

"Some conservative counties in Texas have a response rate as low as five percent"

LOL!!! Too good to be true!

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  1. But let's keep in mind that it's not the votes/census numbers that count: it's who counts the votes/census numbers that counts. All it takes is a few holdover appointment Hutarees (my latest name for Rethugnicans) in the right places in the Census bureau to make sure that redneckian states get even more affirmative action and subsidy than they already get.

    Of course, Obama's already starting to act like a Republican (damn...even Clinton waited until after the midterms to start implementing the Reagan agenda) so maybe that won't be necessary.


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