Thursday, March 18, 2010

Almost there...

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Rachel Maddow had a very nice fact filled summary and time line last night on what is ahead on the health care reform bill. When each provision would kick in for children, for:
  • pre-existing conditions,
  • rescission,
  • max yearly benefits,
  • being able to cover your children until they are 26,
  • not being able to be denied coverage,
  • 85% of your health care premium being required to provide health care back to you, etc etc
The amount of guano, hysterical, truly insane "the sky is falling" tea bagger and repugnican rhetoric is reaching a crescendo, against health care reform, against complying with the census, by the birthers & other conspiracy theorists. Rachel documented some of that too. It's far too much for me to repeat here, but definitely worth a watch.

If it doesn't get passed, then there really way more insane, selfish (I got mine, FU!), gullible nut-jobs in the US than I thought, and far too many spineless federal politicians. We shall see.

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