Thursday, March 25, 2010

Donut Holes & Epaulets Needed! Stat!

No time for blogging today! I am very busy gathering up all the donut holes I can find before the new Socialist Totalitarian Government Take Over of Health Care takes them all away from seniors on Medicare. I want to corner the market on them, so that when all my fellow Tea Bagger Americans want their Medicare Part D loop holes back, I'll have a Massive supply!

Once I get all the donut holes gathered, I am going to install some GIANT epaulets on some of my jackets, bigger than the ones Optimus Prime has on his shoulders, to keep the Guv-mint from 'looking over my shoulder' when I am at the doctor, monitoring my health care!

Maybe I can enlist Optimus's help in gathering up all the patriotic grandmas too, before Obama's death panels get them! Run grandma run!

At least now, all the child molesters and rapists will be able to FINALLY get some Viagra! Yes, Senator Coburn of Oklahoma (a real medical doctor!) understands psychological disorders and social deviancy so well, that he knows rape is not an act of violence and aggression, noooo! It's a sexual attraction that old white men can't muster enough testosterone to maintain an erection when they try to perform it.

On a bright note, AZ State Attorney General Terry Goddard said today that he is NOT going to join the Confederate Health Care of Umerika's law suits to block implementation of federal health care reform in Arizona, contrary to Governor Janet Brewer's instruction to do so. Goddard sites constitutional scholars on his staff who said it's a frivolous lawsuit with no merit - duh!

When McCain and Kyle keep saying the people of Arizona 'don't want this bill' they need to really check their constituent email. I've been steadily sending both of them correspondence stating they NEEDED to cooperate with the Democrats, collaborate, and work with them - but ideologues don't wanna listen. Oh, and it ain't a bill no more, senators. It's a law. 'Da Nile' is a river in Egypt.

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