Sunday, March 14, 2010

Triangle Man Enjoys A Beer At The Beach

Drinking cans of Amstel Light on the beach was an afternoon staple. The Dutch had colonized the Virgin Islands when the Danes cold not get anyone to immigrate there to run the spice plantations that were manned with slave labor. Amstel is brewed in The Netherlands, and is one of the least expensive - and most drinkable - beers on St. John. Glass is of course, prohibited on the beach. The last time I had Amstel Light was some 20 years ago when I unknowlingly walked into a bar in Chicago Wrigleyville's Boys Town area on Lincoln one rainy afternoon about 20 years ago with Skeets and Sam so that Sam could talk to one of her friends who worked there / danced who was having some social crisis. It was the only bottled beer that Chicago bar / club served, so it was with some reluctance that I agreed to Amstel last week, but hey, it's been 20 years, these were cans (not bottles). The sun was intense - we went through 2 spray on cans of factor 50 sun block, one large Coppertone SPF30 bottle, and several other small sizes of 15 & 30 block... and a case of Amstel Light.


  1. It looks like you're making a call on a bananaphone

  2. LOL! It sorta does. We got the flotation wrist strap with the water-proof, shock proof, $230 floor model 10 Mpix camera. The puffy flotation strap does indeed look like a banana in shadow.

  3. it also looks like the banana-phone arm is loads stronger than the TRex arm. neat!

    you can make out the chest girth vs the stomach girth. well done!

  4. TRex! LOL! I do 45 lbs curls with those tiny arms =P ...but thank you Zim, I needed a good chuckle this morning. Heh heh heh


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