Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Park Here

St.John's only Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of Mt.Carmel, in Cruz Bay, has very little parking. It's downtown, on a one-way street, and has these ineffective signs, posted outside of it. They obviously don't work too well.

I snapped these photos one late afternoon, on our way to Happy Hour somewhere... each day in the V.I. has become sort of a wonderful blur in retrospect. All good stuff.

And this reminds me... if you are renting a vehicle in the Virgin Islands:
1) make sure it is 4 wheel drive. Some of the mountain roads are literally inclined at a 45 degree grade.
2) ask for a rental with rubberized fenders, over the wheel wells. There's lots and lots of tight clearances, narrow roads, hairpin turns, tiny parking places, that painted metal quarter panels will sustain scratches and dents that the rental company will scowl at. Rubberized fenders and flashing, are much more robust and tend to not be as easily damaged.
3) Remember, everyone's vehicle has to be turned in before 10 or 11am, so when you are turning in your jeep, get your family and their luggage out of the way of other renters who are returning their vehicle as well.
4) if you do scratch your paint, with say... a white fence post... some light scotchbriting with a kitchen sponge will remove all but the deepest scratches. =)

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