Monday, March 29, 2010

Idiocracy Central

Dr Desert Flower and I live in Idiocracy Central.

The Glendale "University of Phoenix" stadium yesterday was mobbed (link here), with the lowest common denominator, just 2 miles north of our homestead. On our drive North to go hiking in the White Tank Mountains to see the Spring Wild Flowers, we were stuck in traffic for 10 minutes alongside SUV after SUV of parents hauling their David After Dentist aged children to the stadium. UGH!

"The event was the best-attended, highest-grossing event in the history of University of Phoenix Stadium. Professional wrestling's biggest night of the year drew 72,219 fans, about a thousand more than attended Super Bowl XLII in the same building."

"With eye-catching signs and deafening cheers, fans paid tribute to the notion that some problems are best resolved with a steel chair to the back of the head."

We've gotta get out of the West Side!

On a positive note, Dr Desert Flower and I DID see some lovely desert flowers, as the White Tanks were in abundant bloom. The Waterfall Trail was full of Idiocracy who I guess could not buy a ticket, but the Bajada trail was sparsely populated by people with no shortage of darting, colorful little reptiles and brilliant yellow, purple, orange and red flowers.

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  1. No surprise, really. No wonder the McCain-Palin rally didn't draw as many Teabaggers as expected.


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