Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nature by Numbers - Cristobal Vila's brilliance

Many many thanks to Ron's better half JJ for this link (here) that she posted on her social networking "wall". At that linked website, you'll find Spanish filmmaker Cristobal Vila's latest short film Nature By Numbers that was posted on youtube (link here) only 11 days ago - and already has over 100K hits. It is beautiful. Amazing, clear examples of the
Fibonacci Sequence
Golden Ratio
Angle Ratio
Delaunay Triangulation
Voronoi Tessellations

...man, I wish I had this when I was in Jr High and High School, before the interwebs were invented. Wow. And the music, "Often a Bird" by Wim Mertens... almost hypnotic.


...and for those of you with kids who are school aged... please, expose them to this, as early as possible. The earlier they start comprehending these concepts, the sooner they'll see them - Everywhere around us!

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