Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thunderbird Hike, checked off the list

I hiked Thunderbird Recreation Center Hedgpeth Hills this morning from 830am to 1. Started off at 45F, an d finished at 65F - shed layers! 10% RH, made evaporation work for me =) Started at Trails H1A, H2, then over the foot bridge to H1, H3, H3a, up to H4, H4b, and then back to the parkinglot via H1. Up and down 400 and 500 feet, multiple times, running/jogging on the flat areas and downward slopes. Hiking on the inclines. Not sore at all this evening (of course, a whole bottle of Trader Joe's Malbec has helped! - more to come on that tomorrow).... and a long soaking bath with no shortage of stretches before the bubbles all went away. Added magnesium sulfate (yes, Epsom salt) to the bath water at the advice of my desert living Godmother who has been in Tucson for nearly 15 years. And I am back down to my pre-Christmas weight - screw the carbs! Viva la protein!

Thunderbird was a nice hike - too many "New Years" hikers, trying to fulfill their short-term resolutions, ambling along the trails. Next month it'll be better. I'm looking forward to Piestwa / Dreamy Draw next week!

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