Sunday, January 24, 2010

ad hominem as they are naseam

Last week Thursday, Jon Stewart & his writers called bullsh*t on Keith Olbermann's histrionics directed at Scott Brown. Olbermann, full of indignation the next day, tried to mock Stewart, claim some imaginary moral high ground, praises Ben Affleck's mockery of him last year, and then begs to be invited back onto TDS. He plays the entire Daily Show clip, which Gawker so nicely posted on their site (link here), and then he Almost apologizes. Almost, but not quite.

So once again, to all my Republican friends who so wrongly claim TDS is full of liberals, enjoy this clip.

"Wallow in the fetid swamp of baseless name calling, and as we both know sir, that's my thing! Petty, pompous, pusillanimous, or poopy head."

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