Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yummy Bacteria, MMMMM

Everyday in Arizona, I try to drink 2 at least 2 or 3 glasses of reverse osmosis (RO) filtered tap water to stay hydrated (in 10% RH) and to keep my kidneys from over-loading on tea. Back when I used to work at a urethral stent manufacturer in the midwest, they talked about "tea season" in the southern US, leading to a sales surge in stent sales after kidney stone removal surgery. As a major stent manufacturer, they saw a correlation, real, or imaginary, I dunno, but a few glasses of water are not going to hurt me, and the frequent trips to the rest room are good breaks from continuous computer work.

Sometimes, I forget my glass in my office, and earlier this week, I left a nearly full glass of water overnight (pictured to the right). The small gas bubbles seen here, on the inside of the glass, are residual waste products from the bacteria who began to thrive overnight, multiplying in their nurturing aqueous environment.

It's a good idea to wash your water glass, coffee cup, re-usable drink bottle, every few days. Granted, a few hundred (or hundred thousand) bacteria in a glass of RO water that has touched only my lips, and been exposed to only the air in my home office, are probably not lethal or too harmful, but we do have one cat in the house who thinks she is part raccoon. She dips her paw into glasses and then licks off her pads. I really do not want to drink residual litter box bacteria that have spawned in my water glass! MMMMM

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