Sunday, January 24, 2010

47 remain

Well, W and Cheney's "round-em up", "smoke-em out", torture every person the Afghan Northern Alliance picked up on a bounty who got sent to Gitmo in 2003 & 2004, from a high of 500 prisoners, are now whittled down to 47. Yep, 47 dangerous, vicious killers. Less than 10% of the original volume. I estimated back in 2004 that perhaps 1/3 of the Gitmo prisoners were evil, kill-as-many-Americans-as-they-can (women and children included) pseudo-jihadists. I was off by a factor of 3. W and Cheney and their torturing buddies were off by a factor of 10. All that torture recruited 1000s of suicide bombers, IED planters, and half-assed insurgents. All that mis-management killed 1000s of American and NATO soldiers, and wounded 100s of thousands more, all because of hubris filled neo-con policies applied stupidly.

It took the Obama administration a year to go through the pathetic, mis-managed records on the remaining Gitmo prisoners, and work the list down to 47. I trust the Obama administration slightly more than W's, in declaring which of the prisoners are dangerous, and which were picked up wrongly, or can be sent back to their countries of origin.

Now, what to do with the remaining 47? If I was emperor of the universe, I'd send these guys to a nice vacation spot in Turkmenistan called Darvaza. It's even considered a "vacation spot" by some - link here. I wouldn't want these 47 to be spectators, but rather, they could be dropped off right in the center of the hot spot. (links here and here).

For those who think it is mean, or unjust to hold 47 un-rehabilitate-able, recidivist, pure evil, distorted fundamentalist pseudo-jihadists indefinitely, I invite you to have some of the 47 over for tea, at your church social, and see how well it goes.

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