Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Best Year Ever! (for Arizona Foreclosures)

Jay Butler of the WP Carey School for Business at ASU has just published a report that 2009 saw a record number of home foreclosures, since Arizona became a state and records were being kept. (link here to the story). He predicts the trend will continue, and 2010 may rival 2009 (link here). Awesome, for being 50% underwater, living on the far side of town away from work, drinking establishments, museums, symphonies, and delicious restaurants. But we ARE close to Cricket Pavilion concerts (1 mile, stumbling distance).

Timing & location are everything, in real estate. Oh well.


  1. yes yes... you mentioned that site to me last year when I was griping then too! =)

  2. I'm impressed by the current top listing.
    Bought at the end of 2006 for nearly $2.3mio
    been listed for sale since sep 2008
    current asking price: $549k


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