Monday, January 4, 2010

Co-worker exposure?

I am curious, from those who have their own blogs here, do your co-workers know you have a blog?

If you have direct reports, do they read your blog?

Does your manager / management read your blog?

I've got some peers who are - or used to be - aware of this blog. I don't think they check it much anymore. Google Analytics shows geographically, that they rarely do, and the official inter-tube corporate police based out of Hyderabad has BANNED all blog access from the office, so no casual office surfers can see it on a company connection. I never mention my employer by name, as I know of others in my multi-national who have been fired for what they've said on their personal blogs in reference to / criticism of / editorializing about their professional office work.

I'm curious, what kind of awareness of peers & co-workers that the visitors, friends & acquaintances here have on their personal blogs.

Please be so kind as to comment =)


  1. I don't advertise the blog to almost anyone, but a few (former) coworkers discovered it in a roundabout way.

  2. You certainly have to make some attempt at segregation. I filter my Facebook postings to exclude coworkers, and I make sure to not blog about work. But otherwise it's fine.


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