Friday, January 29, 2010

Colibri Induced Delight

When doing yoga by the poolside here in Phoenix on this last Friday afternoon in January, after getting a 55 hour week's worth of enjoyable & challenging work completed, on a sunny 65F day, with sparse cumulus clouds in the blue sky, a very light breeze, and a relatively humid 40% RH day, being occasionally buzzed by sorties of Costa's, Anna's, and Black Chinned hummingbirds... it brings me great satisfaction, lowers my blood pressure, renews my spirit, brings a smile to my aging visage, to see these tiny Colibri thirstily lap up the delicious & plentiful aloe flower nectar from plants that I transplanted last Spring and that are now 4 feet tall.

More people should really come visit us here. In the Fall, Winter, and Spring, it is really quite pleasant. And now, there's no more barking dogs to hear in the back yard too!

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