Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank You, South Carolina

Daily Show did a hilariously sad & accurate segment last night on comedy material provided by South Carolina (link here - it will not embed). Clueless Joe Wilson, 'Hiking the Appalachian Trail' Sanford, the Repeated Horse Sodomite, and now the elitist Lt. Governor Andre Bauer who never misses an opportunity to show case his rich, white, holier-than-thou, CINO bias. Yes Andre, the poor are just like stray animals. Starve them, and they'll stop reproducing.

I'm so glad I escaped the soul crushing gravitational pull of the Palmetto State after living there for 16 years. Yes, Arizona has Kyle, Shadegg, Flake, the totalitarian Sheriff Joe, and it's full of Mormons and bigoted haters of Mexicans. But South Carolina has the jokers mentioned above, the KKK, Maurice Beeinger, Jim DeMint, and is full of Southern Baptists who used to greet "coloreds" with base ball bats at the entrance to white churches. Not to mention the oppressive humidity and incessant deluge of pollen, mixed with an occasional hurricane. I'll take the desert instead.


  1. Oh come on.

    I'm from AZ and can say definitively that you are totally underrating us on the loon factor.

    You only cited our nationally known loons, and then not even all of them, but totally ignored the deep bench that the whackjobs have, biding time in the legislature.

    Russell "National Alliance" Pearce

    Sylvia "the Earth is 6000 years old, so strip mining uranium is a good thing" Allen

    Jack "Democrats are just like Saddam Hussein" Harper

    Ron "Fly a confederate flag on July 4th" Gould

    ...and more, including the attitude of the GOP caucus in the lege that all of the ills of society can be blamed on Mexicans or poor people and that the wealthy and large multinational corporations would be our saviors - if we would just stop expecting them to live by society's laws.

    Plus we have unGodly heat, scorpions, snakes, dust *everywhere*, and more unGodly heat.

    Not saying that it's worse than SC, but it's no better.

  2. Craig I do see your point, and yes, I didn't mention the local nut cases in AZ. There's many in SC I didn't mention either (time and space allotted).

    AZ is not perfect. But, I'll take the AZ dust over the SC mold anyday. Also, as an ex-Catholic myself, I feel more 'at home' with the other ex-Catholics en masse here in the desert, than I did with the 2 faced Southern Baptists in SC ("oh, bless your heart" as their colloquialism goes). Snakes and scorpion populations decrease exponentially the closer to urban centers & reclaimed farm-land you get - the Orkin guy in my neighborhood said he saw one scorpion, 3 years ago, once. SC has nasty litle wood scorpions (that kill pets) and their share of poisonous serpents as well.

    Sylvia Allen is one of my favorite local ignorant fools. Her homologues in SC are legion. Both states have their problems, that's for sure.

    My son is in SC, and I love parts of the state (like Charleston) and it's a helluva lot greener there than the greenest (foliage wise) parts of AZ, but I'm a happy transplant here.

    Your comments and well spoken perspective are always welcomed and encouraged. Thanks for the post!

  3. Do they have white-only basketball leagues in AZ yet?


  4. Was just about to post that Matt...sounds suspiciously like "I'm not a racist, but I don't want black people in my neighborhood."

  5. Wanda Sykes did a long bit on that last Saturday night on her show - which is a pretty funny show. SNL's loss (reruns, bad writing, etc). Wanda sited that the WNBA is already having difficulties drawing audiences, WHO will watch the whites only bigots? Maybe Liberty University will field a team!


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