Friday, January 8, 2010

Much Better than the Ice Cream Man

I am on my patio, wondering when Dr Desert's Flower's late Friday afternoon staff meeting might end - on ne sais jamais. A delicious glass (1/3 bottle left) of Aquila D'Oro, and I can HEAR (as well as see) the Anna's, Costa's, and Black Chinned hummingbirds, dog fighting above the yard & pool, drinking from the feeder, and one brave & determined Anna's hummingbird male perching in the lemon tree proclaiming my verdant & crimson landscape of flowers and nectar feeders as his own, while the January sun sets in a wispy cloudy sky.

If you want to hear them too, go to this whatabird link (here). and go down the left side to the sound files.

The hummingbirds' buzzing, chirping, and singing are a welcomed audio improvement over the seemingly omnipresent ice cream man truck's cacophony.

For more audio links go here, here, and here.

I find it fun to play bird call wavs on my computer with the volume Cranked UP... and it confuses the territorial males. LOL! In SC I used to play calls that a mocking bird would hear, and repeat, thrice in defiance, as I enjoyed sunsets on the deck there with a glass of wine as well. ALOT fewer bugs here though... and mold... and Fundamentalist Baptists... and moisture... and Klan members...

The sky's turned a shade of magenta in the west... yep, not a bad Friday so far.

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