Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best Use of a Golf Course, Ever

The Petionville Club, a lush golf course on the hills above Port Au Prince Haiti has been taken over by the 82nd Airborne. 50,000 refuges are being helped there. Awesome! (links here and video here)

Why the heck there was a plush golf course in this poorest nation in our Hemisphere, I don't know, but a putting green is an awesome place to land a large helicopter, set up field hospitals, maintain security, etc etc.

Only bad thing is that it's taken 7 days to take over the 9 hole golf course. Would've been better to commandeer it last week.

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  1. A-men brutha. I say we send Pat Robertson there to tell all those golf course dwellers about the deal they made with Satan(TM).

    And all the while, Rush Limbaugh will tell us how those lighter-skinned Haitians are living it up at the country club.


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