Thursday, January 21, 2010

Raining Ropes

"It's raining cats and dogs" has different translations in various parts of the world. In France they say "Raining Ropes" - "Il pleut des cordes". In China I have heard "Raining Buckets". An Indian fried of Dr Desert Flower's in grad school once said "it is blowing like the devil!"

A deluge of biblical proportions is happening in Arizona this week. 5 inches of rain are expected. Oak Creek, that runs through Sedona, will crest tonight at 20 feet, and an additional 5 feet of water are expected beyond that.

Here in Phoenix, the New River on the West side of town is raging. The Aqua Fria actually has water in it, in some places, where cement companies have not dug it up for raw materials. Flights into Sky Harbor, that sits on the north bank of the Salt River, have been canceled today with 40 mph cross winds - Sky Harbor handles nearly 1/2 a million flights a year.

It's the weather... so why is it note worthy? "So what" one might say. Well... 5 inches of rain is what Phoenix normally gets in an average year. Flash Flooding is wide spread across the state today. Looks like no hiking for me this weekend.


  1. Joe, May be this weak Yoga might be the best way to spend time....

  2. Yes Sundar, yoga, working out, and photography - more to come on that later in another post here. The hummingbirds took shelter from the storm just outside my living room window, and I tried to take a few pictures =)


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