Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Git Yer Guns!

My favorite Uncle and Godfather in the Chicago suburbs forwards me guano nut case emails from his friends and neighbors, many of them focused upon how "Obama wants to take your guns." Now, my Uncle is a gun owner & gun rights advocate, as am I - not an absolutist as the NRA likes to claim all of their members are (link here, to moderate NRA polling results), but reasonable ones. My Uncle doesn't believe any of the Birther, Muslim, Higher Taxes (for those making less than 1/2 a million a year) malarkey, but he is more prone to believe the anti-gun rhetoric, due to proximity to Chicago and the restrictive laws that Illinois is considering.

So I did a little bit of a mining project today online. All of the references to Obama being anti-gun are from right wing nut jobs & mouthpieces that reveal no credible evidence about President Obama, or from the NRA and gun advocacy groups who want to spin up gun sales and fervor over an imagined threat (can you imagine being forced into a shotgun gay marriage!?!?). As a Senator, and in debates with trounced fundamentalist Alan Keyes (75% margin) Obama did state he was for reasonable laws on gun safety, but not confiscation.
Gunowners of Umerikah tell their followers that Obama is going to issue a "No Guns" Decree on no factual basis (link here)
Tea Party Organizers encourage their devotees to bring guns to angry protest rallies, most recently in New Mexico this week (link here).
Guano Beck, O'Falafel (O' فلافل‎ ), Hannity-insanity, and other mouthpieces inspire their followers to commit violence against unarmed innocent people they fear (link here).

This is not new, before he was elected, right wing lobbyists were singing this song loudly
(links here, here, here, and here, for just a few). What is new, is the level of intensity of the rhetoric, the real shortages of ammunition on store shelves as the paranoid grab it up, the rise in gun & ammo prices (supply & demand, the manipulated hand of the market), and the frequency that guns are being brought to enraged public rallies, not to mention the body count in PA, OH, Arkansas, DC, and elsewhere, murdered by devout believers who buy the books and believe the rhetoric of the windbags above.

I don't want my ammo to be so ridiculously expensive. I don't want Unitarians to be shot in their churches. I don't want security guards to be shot at Holocaust museums or in Vegas federal buildings, or police officers to be blasted by delusional right wingers in OH and PA. And I don't want some Secret Service sniper, to put a slug into an angry armed protester when the enraged - whipped up by rhetoric [akin to 'FIRE!' in a theater] begins to threaten the safety of the legally elected Chief Executive of the United States.

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  1. How many times to I have to say it...they create their own reality. It's not like Republicans live in our reality.


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