Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hoosier Mama!

Hoosier Mama pies have made the TOP of "the USA Today's" best pies to enjoy on 'National Pie Day'. (link here) I have had some of these pies baked by Paula, at her and Craig's home. They are the closest thing to culinary bliss that is possible on this mortal coil, pie wise. Everyone should try a Hoosier Mama pie, at least once in their life time. When in Chicago, enjoy one of Paula's amazing pies. (link here) Paula, an under-appreciated former sous-chef for a well-known Chicago chef and restaurant started her own pie company a few years ago. My buddy Craig, her lucky husband, supported her in this endeavor and helped her with delivery, web design, production, etc.

Kudos to my buddy Dave for the story and link!


  1. oh, i've been to that site before. haven't had any pies, yet. :-(


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