Thursday, January 21, 2010

N AZ Snow interstate closings

I-17 and alternate route AZ 89A are closed today between Sedona and Flagstaff due to snow. This is the third time this week they've closed I-17...

I should not be surprised - living in a red state that is running a multi-billion dollar deficit due to regressive tax structure and massively declined revenues, that basic government services can no longer be provided.

An alpine interstate at 6000 ft elevation, and large, moist, Pacific storm fronts move through in January. Who would have known that significant snow fall would accumulate? Duh.


  1. Now I don't know much about the Flagstaff highway snow closings, but I will say that sometimes the interstate must close due to snow no matter what the situation or what the resources. I80 going over infamous Donner Pass closes often in the winter despite an army of resources devoted to keeping it open. My perception of what the top reasons for it closing are:
    1) Accidents: Trucks jack-knife, ignorant people spin out, and all the highway closes to clean up the mess.
    2) Visibility: When it is nuking snow at 2-3 inches per hour and the wind is howling at 50+mph the highway will close. If not... see #1.
    3) Snowfall rate: There are times when it snows 3 or 4 feet overnight in the Sierra, and it is not possible to keep up. Single storms sometimes dump 10+ feet at a time.
    5) Avalanche: This is rare on I80 but other roads are susceptible. An avalanche buried Mt.Rose highway (in NV) this morning and closed it until the snow could be removed. I doubt Flagstaff has this problem though.

    Now your points may be dead correct, but I want to point out that highways will sometimes close due to snow no matter what.

  2. I thik God(TM) is punishing Arizona for giving us John McCain, who begat Sarah Palin's pestilence and plague upon the land.

  3. Ok... I was a bit harsh. They were getting 2 to 3 feet a day this week. Thank you Matt for your seasoned perspective.


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