Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm Not Karen & I'm Not In Massachusetts!!

4 times Saturday (when we were home), 8 times Sunday, and 3 times already today, I have been robo called or push-polled by complete and utter morons who somehow think the 623 area code is in Massachusetts, and my name is "Karen". Idiots.

'Can we count on your vote for Scott Brown this Tuesday?' a female pollster with a very African American accent asks me. Well, first, I'm not in Massachusetts, and secondly, do you have any concept how today's Republican party (in general) and Scott Brown (specifically) has abandoned Lincoln's basic principles? Hell, abandoned Reagan's principles? Do you realize how self-defeating / self-loathing / self-deprecating it is, for you to support a party that at it's core is racist, bigoted, hegemonic & exclusionary? This same woman (identical accent & vocal delivery) has called 3 times. If it's a software voice simulator, it sounds quite natural. I told her this morning, to remove my name from their lists, and not to call again, after my previous lecture had no positive effect.

Then, a robo call from Martha Coakley begins "Hello Karen, I'm Martha Coakley and..." Argh!

I'm not Karen. I'm not in Massachusetts. I am not donating money to the Democrats so that they can run more mis-guided and ineffective robo calls. You want to get the vote out? Drive the poor and disenfranchised to the polling places. Serve them a hot meal at the shelter where they are probably getting their sustenance. They don't have any health care. Work with the community organizers in the individual districts, to get their people out to the polls. Work with actual Christian groups, who care about the welfare of the poor and the sick as their Son of God taught them to be - not the loud mouthed CINOs who listen to/worship/call-into talk radio. Don't robo call people - especially people in time zones and area codes that are no where near Massachusetts.

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