Monday, January 18, 2010

Cast Iron Upgrade

Saturday afternoon, Dr Desert Flower and I found a clearance sale at Sur la Table in Scottsdale. Considering that the 22 year old Teflon coated aluminum cookware my parents got us as a wedding gift had finally given up in the center of the pan I use to cook eggs (on the right in the photo). I have enough aluminum in my diet as it is - and I don't want to taunt Alzheimer's - I bought some upgrades. The 12 inch skillet is quite heavy - 8 lbs with a 6 inch handle. It makes it unwieldy to pour hot animal fat into a container easily. With practice, I am sure I'll improve my pouring skills.

Made in Tennessee, Lodge Logic's quality product should outlast my tenure on this planet - if it is well cared for and seasoned appropriately. My plan is for soap to never get closer than 6 feet to the cast iron. The bacon press (which can also be used on burgers) was made in Taiwan, and sold unseasoned... but the seasoning's was remedied last night with some canola oil.

Come visit us, stay over-night, and I'll cook you a delicious breakfast in my new cast iron cookware! If you avoid / abhor meat (as several regular visitors to this blog do), we've got other stuff that herbivores like to eat as well!

I'm going to detach the handle from the old aluminum pan, and recycle the old one, as it's too small to use for anything else - reduce-reuse-recycle.

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  1. I love cast iron. Although I do like a nonstick pan for eggs, just a bit wasteful since they don't last that long. I also don't mind washing my cast iron pans with soap, but I follow a rigorous scheme for keeping them seasoned.


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