Thursday, December 31, 2009

Effective Feedback

Along with the Google Blogger utility is the Google Blogger Profile, which I set up with a 'justjoep at gmail dot com' email address - I type it out long hand, in an effort to thwart the relentless spamming by inane robots and mindless, witless mass marketers. Along with the dozens of notifications of "winning the British Lottery 950.000.000 GBP!" and "Big Lotto 2009" and "Irish News Centre you won 750000 GBP" (I guess Irish spammers are cheap skates in comparison) and "New Weight Loss - Free Trail" mailings, I have actually gotten some useful correspondence on 3 different subjects.

The first was my blog post lambasting the Phoenix Symphony. It's solicited some interesting comments and replies.

The 2nd, to my surprise, was from the events manager at the Desert Botanical Garden after Dr Desert Flower and I attended to Corks & Cactus this year. The manager thanked me for the constructive criticism and our garden patronage, and she wished me a happy thanksgiving as well - a polite lady.

The 3rd, to my even greater surprise, was from the Simplehuman customer service manager after my "how to repair the broken garbage can"with gorilla tape and glue posting. She stated that Simplehuman found the technique interesting, and although I am out of my warranty period, they want to stand behind their product and are willing to send me a free replacement pedal actuator for my 40 liter model. Wow. In return, I offered to swap out the repaired part for the replacement if they send me a mailing label, so that their product designers can see where the actuator failed. A reputable manufacturer who stands behind their product? Very kewl.

So, if you want to get ahold of me, and provide some feedback without having to make a public comment, and you don't know me on FB or pre-blog, use the gmail noted above. If you're a spammer, learn how to spell - consult with someone who uses English as their primary language. Ugh!

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