Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Persian Room, Scottsdale

The night before our son went back to SC last week, we had dinner at The Persian Room in Scottsdale. It was fantastic.

The service started off a little slow, after the onion and fresh cut basil house appetizer was brought to the table, but once our waiter realized we were an easy table to serve, he dove right in and provided a wonderful culinary feast to our hungry family. We started off on the hummus & dolmeh combination plate appetizer, which was the best humus we've ever eaten - we all three agreed. Then, we moved onto the Tour of Persia: "Combination of barg, cornish, koobideh and gheymeh bademjan served with Zereshk polo and Basmati rice. (Serves three)" - WOW. The cornish hens were succulent, flavorful, and fell off the bone. The barg & koobideh kababs ( کباب کوبیده) were mouthwatering. The gheymeh bademjan ( "Eggplant and Lentil Stew") I used as my rice substitute, but Christopher and Dr Desert Flower thorough enjoyed the Basmati.

And the whole meal with tip and drinks for 3, was less than $75. Delicious, and economical.

We could have gone to Cracker Barrel.... LOL!

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