Monday, January 11, 2010

Not News - 11Jan10

It is not news that FaceBooker and resigned ex-Governor Sarah Palin joined Pox News. It IS surprising she is not a peroxide blond like her new colleagues, or that anything she says or thinks or comments on could be called "news".

It's not news that Mark McGwire finally admitted he used steroids while playing MLB. It IS surprising he's not had a heart attack, or needed a liver or kidney transplant yet.

It's not news that Ford's market share rose last year. It IS surprising that GM still exists, at all.

Must be a very slow news Monday.

1 comment:

  1. Must be a slow news decade. Otherwise, we wouldn't be graced with "news" stories about Octomom, Balloon Boy, Paris Hilton (Stupid Spoiled Whore...Video Playset), Obama's birth certificate, teabaggers (the right wing nutjob kind AND the catch-it-on-video kind), Tinky Winky's gay purple triangle, Michael Jackson's redux of the Thriller video (this time without the cameras), or any other inane, meaningless, and time-filling drivel.

    Then again, there goes 90% of our new content. We might have to read a book. And that's for fags.


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