Friday, February 20, 2009

Good news on a Bad day

I had a rather unpleasant work day today, so hearing this story about Canadian dolphin rescuers helped to raise my spirits. 4 hours in a boat in freezing temperatures, ice breaking to help clear a path for the remnants of a dwindling pod of dolphins - Canadians are such nice people. =)

Here in Phoenix, the bright sun, light breeze, upper 70sF temperature, frequent humming bird fly-bys, and 90 minutes of poolside yoga helped to brighten it too... as will the rest of the bottle of Carménère tonight that I started working on yesterday. Maybe all of these things will help me as I reconsider my career path and the last 20 years of trying to build a career based upon technical expertise, fastidiousness, and adept problem solving, as opposed to political posturing, BS, self marketing, and theft of others' work.


  1. I'm ok guys. I wrote a very cathartic email Friday, didn't send it, then spent about 2 hours in the back yard, enjoying the weather, doing yoga, relaxing, taking a 1/2 personal day. Saturday, I sent the email to several of my younger colleagues who look up to me, and they talked me out of sending it up the food chain. If / when I speak truth to power, I will do it verbally, face to face, and not create a negative email trail that can come back to haunt me later.

    Eventually, when a whole career is built upon BS and politics, and not technical ability, intelligence, and problem solving, it'll catch up on individual. We'll see how long it takes, in this case. The Carménère helped, and a hike in the White Tank Mountains Saturday did wonders also. But thank you for your concern.


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