Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pragmatic Arizona Head Gear

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I went out and bought a cowboy hat while we were in Sedona.  Dr Desert Flower had already gotten a pink cow girl hat with her previous employer years ago, which I put down as silly, superfluous, and "I'll never get one".  But with the advent of the convertible purchase, and the intensity of the solar radiation here in Arizona, I figured it would be practical to get something that could cover my head, face, and shoulders to prevent sun burn.

DDF's is made in Sri Lanka.  Mine was made in Australia.  (I just wanted to make sure a Cowboy Hat was not made in China).  It works pretty well, but in a windy convertible, the chin strap is necessary to keep it from flying off on the highway.  Haven't worn it yet in the rain... and I think my 'vented' model will make that a rather wet experience, but the vents help to cool my head in the extreme Arizona heat.

Centuries of evolution and iteration have produced a western style hat that works well, and gets the job done.  Even a grumpy old guy like me can be convinced of its merits, given enough time and motivation.

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