Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Holsterman Sells Quality Stuff

I got my new Holsterman Glock shoulder holster last weekend (just in time for Father's Day!) from Amazon.   It's a nice piece of equipment, with alot of adjustment to fit various sizes of humans.  Efficient and strong design, with good quality construction.  It's comfortable to wear as well.  I'd write an Amazon review...  but I'd have to sign in on my spam-laden gmail name there and log out of blogger to be able to do that, but he "Shoulder Holster for Glock 17, 20, 21, 22, 31,37 Horizontal Carry", Amazon product B003XNAS9O, is good stuff, and highly recommended.

Now, if I'm going to be out around the great state of Arizona, I still don't need a concealed carry permit (link here) and Russell Pearce and his gang are looking out for me and my fellow citizens to make it even easier for all of us to have a gun and carry it wherever and whenever we want, with or without training or permits via Senate Bill 1108  - I feel so loved, and 'looked out for' - awesome that Russell has my back!  So if I will be somewhere that there may be a bunch of ideological mental midgets en masse, or a horde of hungry zombies (same personal threat level) my Holsterman and a shoulder strap for my Mossberg 500 will enable me to be well defended, and unmolested. 

Under a suit coat, the holster is not noticeable from behind, but the weapon does add significant girth around a wide chest.  Perhaps if I was less than the 48 that I currently wear (down from a 50, when I was higher carb) it would be less "side widening".  The Holsterman does come with vertical adjusting straps, so I might be able to get it down to lower rib / kidney height and away from my abs with a little more fitting adjustments.

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