Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thanks Grumbles & Brewer!

Arizona Republicans want Arizona air to be dirtier, on the weak and false premise that they think we can save money (link here).   Thanks so much aging Scottsdale blond Governor Janet Brewer and Out-going ADEQ Director Benjamin Grumbles (the same "let them drink rocket fuel (perchlorate)" former incompetent Bush appointed EPA official, links here, here, and here).  Thanks to Diane Brown of Arizona Public Interest Research Group (AZ PIRG) and the under-funded and under-appreciated American Lung Association in Arizona's Stacey Mortenson, executive director for trying to bring this issue to the bright, blazing, light of the Sonoran desert sunshine, as well as Shaun McKinnon's reporting at the Arizona Republic.

It's not like the air in Arizona is dirty though.  We only had our eighth ozone pollution advisory of the season posted yesterday.  And for those Republicans who despise Science and Facts, that's OZONE - it's not particulate (dirt & dust) blown from desert winds. No, it comes from the burning of fossil fuels.  You know, the fossil fuels that were created when Jesus buried the dinosaurs.  Maybe someday in the future, the air in Phoenix can be as healthy as the air in Los Angeles used to be, and we won't have to see those pesky White Tanks, Superstitions, McDowells, San Tans, or any other surrounding mountain ranges.  Instead, we can all be inside breathing filtered air and using supplemental oxygen, paid for with the money we saved from not implementing those onerous air quality regulations.

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