Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mythbusting Jamie Hyneman's Genome

I saw this today...  and it made me chuckle.   Each time I see it, it makes me laugh again...  so I hope visitors here enjoy it as well.

Mythbusters is not a bad show.  I am annoyed somewhat by the superfluous facial hair of the hosts, but hey, to each their own (chacun ses merde).  I am annoyed more by the fabricated melodrama, that the show tries to create before getting to the point.  But that seems to be rampant all over television now a days, and in the over-all field of Idiocracy, Mythbusters doesn't do too badly in a relative sense.

Any cat I've ever know, or that we've adopted from a pound, or stray we've picked up, has NOT been the "expensive luxury cat" type.  Rather, it's been a mongrel mix of American short hair and whatever else was breeding that week.  And none of the more-than-a-dozen-feral cats I relocated last year were of the Hyneman variety either.


Too funny.

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