Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When You're Out Of Eggs

When you're out of eggs... and you feel like eating a pizza, but you HATE the idea of having arterial clogging gluten enter your diet, do not despair.  There's a delicious and easy alternative, to make a gluten free pizza.   Vegetarians, stop reading now.  You'll be very grossed out.  Carnivores, read on, with salacious desire. 

I ran out of organic, we-have-our-beaks, free range chicken eggs last week, so I made an expedient pizza one morning when I was very hungry and seeking protein.  it was quite simple to make.

- 2 thick slices of Boars Head Turkey (or other high quality lunch meat)
- 1 organic yellow sweet pepper (red or orange or green peppers will work... but I chose yellow out of my Trader Joe's 3 pack), sliced
- 1 small sweet onion (Vidalia, or other), peeled and sliced
- one cup of Bacon Bits (I used Costo [formerly Hormel] bacon bits)
- a handful of organic portabella mushrooms, sliced, thinly, by hand
- 2 or 3 tables spoons of butter (don't use margarine unless you want to slowly kill yourself)
- a LARGE handful of swiss guyere shredded cheese.  Trader Joe's has the best shredded swiss guyere.

1) melt the butter in a small sauce pan
2) Saute the slices peppers, mushrooms, bacon bits, and onions in a non-stick pan, turning often, and covering in all the delicious butter, until the onions become transparent / translucent
3) lay the high quality lunch meat on a large dinner plate -this will be your gluten free pizza "crust"
4) after taking all the deliciously sauteed  vegies and bacon bits of the heat, pour them onto the lunch meat on the plate. 
5) cover the sauteed veggies with the shredded cheese, place in microwave
6) melt in microwave (or your oven, but hey..  I live in Arizona.. and I am NOT heating up my oven in the summer time.. that would be asinine)

You now have a gluten free, high protein, amazing delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner, that took less than 10 minutes to prepare.  It's 75% organic (or more, depending on what you used as crust) and will keep you full for 5 to 8 hours.  It will also help you to maintain excellent HD cholesterol, low triglycerides, low blood sugar, and reduced (or non-existent) hunger, as it has for me.  I eat one of these "pizzas" 2 or 3 times a month. 
Enjoy!  [do I miss bread and crust?  sometimes... but NOT when I have one of these gluten free pizzas!]

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