Monday, June 20, 2011

Well Fed Red Faced Kitty

I do hope, that I am never personally on the "providing nourishment" end of this photo, and instead, just looking at it from afar, on the internet, or from binoculars inside of a robust, impenetrable all terrain vehicle if lions ever come to North America, or if I (for some un-likely reason) ever find myself in Africa.  African lionesses do all the hard work in bringing nutrition to their pride, stalking, chasing, bringing down their quarry, often killing it if their mouths are large enough to suffocate their prey's throat - if it's not, then the lazy and very fertile male lion saunters over and mouth's the struggling prey's throat to crush the larynx as his lionesses are disemboweling the herbivore and trying to avoid being kicked by a flailing hoof before the doomed animal bleeds out. 

I find this photo both beautiful, and terrifying - but as long as I am not face to face, close enough to smell the fresh blood, I can subdue and contain the terror, and focus on the beauty instead.  Team work, of a group of strong females working together, with excellent results.  Next, it's bath time.  =)

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