Monday, June 27, 2011

Leaves Of Three

When we lived in South Carolina, the last 9 years had a lot next door that for 3 or 4 of the 9, was empty.  There as a stand of a dozen long needle southern pines (not resistant to ice storms), a whippoorwill, pileated red headed woodpeckers, a hutch of rabbits, and no shortage of poison ivy and poison oak throughout the lot.  I used to have our son's Cub Scout manual (during the ages of dial-up) when pulling up a quick image was a 20 or 30 minute endeavor, in Windows 95 at 9.6K Baud.  Having a handy image like this would have been helpful to warn children, why it was important to CAREFULLY chase that frisbee / toy / ball into the foliage, and to wash all the clothes in warm water to remove the irritating oils left behind from these insidious vines.

Leaves of Three, let it be.

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