Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey Silence, Why The Long Face?

Hey "The Silence", why the long face?  (Bah-dum-pishhh!)

I have to admit, I was more than a little leery of the the new season of Dr Who (in America) a month ago when I saw the first "The Silence" episode.   I thought to myself "I've seen this, it was called 'X-files' the first time." But I was happy to see the writers didn't stay stuck in a recycled X-files rut, and expanded their themes beyond the "we can't remember the mouth-less aliens we just saw, as they wipe our memories". If only the human brain were THAT easily wiped - a rather stretched premise.  "The Silence" - give me a break, please.

And I am very happy to see that Rick Karr's 2010 and 2011 BBC television incarnation, Matt Smith, is doing a nice job as the 11th doctor.  Better than I expected he would.  I almost began to not miss David Tennant.  I even bought myself a Stetson hat in Sedona last weekend, partially inspired by Smith's love of the same style, and mostly because it is quite practical to keeping the sun off one's head, face, and neck, when driving a convertible around Arizona.


  1. Episodes 1&2 of the new season are good. Skip episode 3, it is pants. Episode 4, "The Doctor's Wife", is great.

  2. I had them all DVR'ed and caught up last Sat and Sunday. 3 was not that bad. I was sad to see "Sexy" go, but it Was nice to see the Tennent control room again.

    "The only water in the forest is in the river" - il faut voir =)


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