Thursday, June 30, 2011


Ever have one of those days?
I wonder if this is a 'call to dinner' for a carcharodon megalondon?   It's both a beautiful and very scary image, at the same time. Since there's no boat or shadow or pier or helicopter down-draft surface waves, the human plunging into the water is of unknown origin.  'Dropped from an airplane', is not likely, since the terminal velocity from any height large enough to negate the horizontal component of fall would have more or less "splattered" the human at the surface, falling "spine first" into the ocean, unless he was as lucky as Cliff Judkins. (research links here and here as well)

This is one of the reasons I am never completely comfortable swimming in deep water.  A shallow lagoon for snorkeling, sure, but open ocean... when I saw this image earlier this week, I though to myself "Cetaceans are generally peaceful sentient beings with enormous brains, language, socialization, familial mammalian bonding, and residual limbs. They used to walk on land, and chose to return to the ocean, millions of years ago.  As we humans continue to pollute our environment irrevocably & irreversibly, and much of it settles in the liquid environment in which the cetaceans, sharks, architeuthidae, and other creatures we have not even discovered yet since more than 90% of the ocean remains unexplored, will we begin to become dinner more often?  Maybe not eaten every time, but just killed in defense or out of spite for screwing things up?"  With polar ice caps melting, more people will have a chance to find out.

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