Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Secessionist Perry Flexes His Execute Prerogative Again

Secessionist Rick Perry, after threatening to have Texas secede from the union, now wants Texas Airports exempt from Federal Law (link here).  He's unconvinced that TSA has any authority in his Republic, and has called the Texas legislation back into special session to pass a bill that would make TSA screeners in Texas airports subject to $4000 fines and imprisonment for following TSA pat down rules.

Now, the funny thing about this, is I hate the pat down rules.  I've experienced them in Salt Lake City when I opted out of the x-ray screen and got felt-up, tickled, in-seam checked by the nitrile gloved TSA screener.  I am (or was) a frequent flier, who really does not want to keep getting full body x-rays.  I agree with Perry (something you'll rarely hear me say) that the TSA rules are rather draconian, and Dr Desert Flower and I watched a mom with 2 sippy-cup drinking toddlers getting intensely searched in Midway airport earlier this month during our Chicago trip - because you KNOW, a really DEVIOUS terrorist will hide explosive chemicals or irritants in toddler sippy cups, and EVERYONE needs to be checked.  Toddlers, barely ambulatory elderly, frequent fliers, everyone must be scrutinized... not just those who fit the profile of a potentially destructive terrorist, because that's the most efficient use of national resources, and keeps us "the most safe". 

But, even though I agree with Perry, I don't claim to supersede Federal authority, or claim the right to prosecute Federal agents who are doing their jobs - I'm not a Ruby Ridge or Waco advocate (hey, isn't Waco in Texas?), or an Oklahoma City violent and mentally ill objectionist.  No, I just comment, and make contrasting observations.  Perry, who has Presidential aspirations, feels he has the Gawd given duty to rescue his Republic from the tyranny of the Federal authorities.  Maybe after he leads Texas to secession, he can get several of the other red states to go with him, and be the King of Dumbphuckastan.  Then TSA would have no authority over his Republic, FEMA won't come bail his arse out when another hurricane or flood hits him, and flights from his un-screened Republic can be banned from connecting to the US?

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