Monday, June 13, 2011

Foiling Facebook Facial Recognition

Zuckerberg and his minions knows better than all of his sheep what is best for them, and he's recently decided that auto-facial recognition software algorithms is exactly what his voracious database needs.  See, so many people were NOT tagging ALL of their friends in their shortsightedly, hastily, haphazardly uploaded photos, that Zuckerberg figured "we'll just incorporate biometric recognition software, to automatically tag people".  The EU loves that idea.  Privacy advocates world wide are embracing it enthusiastically.  And of course, I'm a huge fan as well.   So to make it easier for the evil minions at FB, here's all the people that I've been told I look like in the past.
 Chinese cab drivers have told my co-workers / translators that I 'rook rike Beer Crinton', in the late 90s.  People who have met me 10 years ago said (kindly) "you look like a thinner John Goodman" (not sure what "thinner than... " when? Goodman's always been a rather large guy).  I've had co-workers say I looked like Ivan Drago of Rocky fame - LOL!  In High School, I was told I looked like 'Brian Adams, with a slightly better complexion' - LOL again!  My dear wife, Dr Desert Flower, has repeatedly stuck to her story that I looked like "Ice Man" (Kilmer) from Top Gun when she first met me and fell in love with me.  I do love her so, even though her eye sight may not be so good!
DDF and I have a friend named Paul, who is a very nice guy, and who has very little hair.  We've known him longer than the 2 dozen years we've been together, and Paul has adopted the habit of changing his Facebook photo, almost daily, to one or another bald guys - some famous, some not so famous.  Zuckerberg's minions should have a fun time trying to sort of who the real Paul is as well  =)

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  1. I keep putting Valentino Rossi up as my profile...does that mean I'll go faster?


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