Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Neat Whiskey

I've mentioned previous this year's proclivity for Irish Whiskey, with it's smooth taste, and low carb delivery, and health benefits.  I've now taken on an efficient and economic aspect - reusing the wine glass from dinner.  No need to wash a new glass.  Rinse the wine glass with a few milliliters of RO (reverse osmosis) water, and pour a few fingers of Irish Whiskey.  Neat (no ice).

It works.  As a digestive. As a bed time sedative.  As a raiser of HD cholesterol (mine tripled in the last year, thanks!). As a delicious libation, that costs much less than Cognac (thanks Rappers, for driving up the price of one of my favorite beverages previously when you don't drink it for the taste, but rather, for the ostentatious opulence.. grrrr, I Bite my thumb at you!).

If you are shopping early for an economic early Christmas or Birthday gift (JustJoeP's b-day is Just after Christmas, btw =P ) ... consider a bottle of Irish Whiskey.   You'll be thanked profusely and publicly (if that's ok with you), and you'll be helping me maintain my health and sanity as well.   Doctor Desert Flower is AGAIN working late, so I'm home alone drinking and posting, again... since these are the 'salad years' I had a organic spinach salad and organic grass fed sirloin from Double Check ranch for dinner, accompanied by a nice Italian red, and now, a glass of Jameson, neat.

There's got to me more to Irish Whiskey than just Bushmills, Jameson, and Michael Collins.  =)  No?

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