Friday, June 10, 2011

As Seen In Georgia

Sometimes the hatred, ignorant belief systems, stupidity, and misguided fears of white Southerners is so overwhelming, it cannot be contained, and it bubbles over into bill boards, where such idiots can broadcast their bias to the rest of the world.  One such instance of this, is a bill board, I saw in rural Georgia on I-85 between Commerce and Atlanta.  It was one of the confederate counties (Jefferson [not Thomas, but Jefferson Davis], Jackson, Josephus...) near mile marker 168, not far from where Sherman marched through and scorched some 150 years ago after he torched Atlanta.  The bill board read as follows:

"It's WE the people, not YOU the President"

...and there was a picture (unauthorized use) of President Obama's face on the bill board, beside this bizarre message.

First of all, to your Georgians who paid for and constructed this bill board, thank you for demonstrating your overt hatred of our fairly elected leader of the Executive branch.  Secondly, when did President Obama EVER say that the emphasis in America, was on HIM and not on jobs, the economy, getting terrorists like Osama bin Laden, keeping America safe, protecting your food safety and drinking water....  ?  When did President Obama slight you, to prompt such a statement?

Please, if ANYONE from Georgia (or anywhere else for that matter) can enlighten me as to the logical motivation behind this bill board, I would love to have an intelligent conversation with you.  Please comment here, so that I can better understand the impetus behind such a public display.


  1. I don't get it. What is that even supposed to mean?

  2. I don't get it either, but then again i) we don't listen to AM Republican radio and ii) neither your nor my IQ is around 85 and iii) we didn't get the (apparently) widely distributed memo these f*cktards have distributed on the subject. You see, Dr. Todd sent me this link, to identically worded stupidity near rural Chehalis Washington. So it's more widespread than I thought.

    I think it is probably a case of uneducated (we don't need no elites!), perhaps inbred, easily mislead (sheep), who've all drank some conservative talking point koolaid spouted by an equally ignorant or just blatantly stupid egomaniacal talk radio host.

    It's too bad their world couldn't have ended for them May 23rd. The rest of us sane and rational people left behind would have had a much nicer world with such morons culled from the herd.

  3. Ah, I get it: these are missives from the goodly citizens of Dumbfuckistan


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